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General Information
1. How do I Create an Account in Timoo?

You can register for free and create the first trip. After filing up the form for registration, you will receive an activation email. Click on the link to follow the instructions that will complete the process related to the creation of your profile. Upload your relevant images and get ready to initiate the search for your travel buddy.

2. Is Timoo Free?

Yes, it is free to register on Timoo. The registration allows using all the features with no subscription charges.

3. How do I Create a New Trip?

You can easily create a trip by entering your profile and clicking on the tab of My Trips/Create a New Trip. You can also create a new trip from the home page of your profile by clicking on the tab Create Trip.

4. What Will Appear After Clicking on Join this Trip?

After you click on Join this Trip, an email is sent to the initiator of the trip. After he or she approves your request, you will receive an email and will be eligible to join the trip.

5. How Do I Know How Many People Are Joining the Trip?

Each trip has a small yellow box attached to itthat states how many people are associated with the same. If you are looking forward to knowing more about the members, go to the trip detail and click on the yellow box.

6. How can I update my about section?

Log into your profile and click on User Setting to update the necessary information.

7. How can I change my basic information like my name, date of birth, where I stay, countries I have visited?

Implementing changes in your Timoo profile is a simple procedure. Click on your account name located at the top right corner of your homepage. In the drop-down menu, click on View My Profile. You will be allowed to make changes to the various sections of your profile as per your requirement. After putting in the desired information in the various fields, click on Update Profile to save the changes.

8. My account has been deleted, how can I reach to the admin?

If your account is deleted, the personal information of the profile will still be saved. However, you will have to put your photograph during the retrieval of the account. It is important to note that the information of the favorites, privacy settings, and record of the people who have viewed your profile along with the ones you have viewed is not stored.

9. Can I delete my account?

If you are looking forward to deleting your account due to the privacy and security purposes, you are free to do so without any hassle. To delete the profile, login to your account and click on the settings, which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard. You will be directed to the settings page, which has Deactivate Your Account button at the bottom of the page. Click on it to deactivate your profile.

10. How do I create an account in Timoo?

It is crucial to understand that you will have to be 18 years of age to create an account in Timoo. Once you fulfill the criterion, you will be allowed to register for free and create the first proposal for the trip. Once you register in Timoo, you will receive an email with an activation link. Once you follow the link, you will be redirected to the activation page in Timoo. After this, you can fill out the profile and upload a few pictures of you. After the approval of your trip, you can meet your travel buddy before commencing the journey.

11. Why canít I see some members profile?

There are a few members who are skeptical regarding the privacy of their photographs. Hence, they alter the photo permission from the privacy settings. You can view the photos of those members who have either allowed you to view or have not changed the settings. You can also limit the number of people viewing your photos as per your wish.

12. Why Timoo has so many verification options?

The elaborate set of verification procedure in Timoo ensures that the people you are approaching are real humans and not bots.

13. How can I verify my ID?

You can verify the ID from the user settings page of your profile.

14. How can I verify my photos?

In order to confirm that the members are utilizing the profiles created in Timoo, legally and ethically, there are certain verification procedures. Our team reviews all the photos submitted by the members before it is approved for the public viewing. Though the review procedure is time-consuming, the output confirms the preservation of the integrity and community standards of the user base. Another important point to remember is that the profile and the photos are verified in the order of its submission. However, the premium members are given priority in the approval queue.

15. Why do Timoo charges $5 for payment verification?

We charge 5 USD for the verification of credit card.

16. I forgot my password. How do I log into my account?

If you are unable to remember the password and User ID of your profile, click on the hyperlink of Forgot Password in the Homepage of Timoo. We will send you a link that will allow you to reset the password within 24 hours. In case, you are unable to login to your account even after following the aforementioned step, you can contact the customer service support. However, ensure that the User ID put by you is correct. Also, check the junk or spam folder of your email as it is observed that the email providers classify our emails in that segment.

17. Will my Google and Facebook login share the details to the third party?

After logging in to your Timoo account, you can easily edit the email ID from the page of Accounts and Settings.

18. How can I change the email address on my account?

You can register for free and create the first trip. After filing up the form for registration, you will receive an activation email. Click on the link to follow the instructions that will complete the process related to the creation of your profile. Upload your relevant images and get ready to initiate the search for your travel buddy.

19. Can a created trip be removed from my account?

When a member of Timoo proposes a trip, our processing team reviews the same before the approval. If a member wishes to alter the trip posted by you, the trip will have to be canceled so you can post a fresh one. After you post a fresh trip on Timoo, our team will review the same and take the decision of approval accordingly. Once the trip is approved, the members will be able to view the trip in the search result. To make the approved trip unavailable from the search result, go to the settings menu under the tab of your username located at the top right corner of your profile page. Click on the privacy tab to edit the search result. Click on the checkbox of the search results and confirm the selection by selecting the update privacy settings tab. This will enable to remove the created trip from your profile. Also, you can delete the trip if you are not prepared to commence the getaway.

20. I want to change my birth date.

Contact the customer service support to change the date of birth and ensure to pronounce clearly to avoid format confusion.

21. What is the referral program of Timoo?

Timoo offers a very alluring referral program that allows you to earn a free premium membership of 1 month for referring 3 friends. That is not all, we offer 1 month free premium membership for every 3 friends you refer.

22. How can I block other people?

This operation will allow you to block the user, who is disturbing you. Enter into the profile of the user you want to block and click on Block to immediately suspend any mode of communication between you and the user.

23. How can I report fake profiles?

In order to report abuse, enter into the profile of the member you want to report about and click on the link of Report under the username. The available options are ReportLanguage, Photo, Content, And Videos, which have violated our terms and conditions.